Engaging a Remote Workforce: How to Do It

Remote working is now a common practice in modern businesses worldwide. Work from home comes with various benefits such as reduced operating costs, increased productivity, and better work-life balance. However, engaging the remote workforce is undoubtedly a challenge. In this article at MIT Sloan, Meredith Somers explains how to champion inclusiveness among hybrid workforces.

Tips to Include Remote Employees

Mental Health Support

Many factors can make employees feel lonely and disconnected. Despite the flexibility remote work brings, many professionals believe that it interferes with their personal lives. Businesses must help their employees by offering an open-door policy for informal chats about mental health. Furthermore, they must provide counseling sessions as part of their benefits package.

Personal and Professional Well-Being

Well-being issues might not be easy to spot virtually. Therefore, business leaders and managers must look for cues to spot the disconnection or loneliness. Encourage employees to talk about their interests and hobbies. Organizations must value their employees as people, not just a resource.

Inclusion is Everything

It is easy to shun remote workers out of meetings and decision-making processes. As a manager, you must make a deliberate effort to include remote workers in meetings and work calls. From discussions with clients to strategy meetings, ensure your employees are a part of them. Including your remote employees in key meetings will help foster the belief that they are crucial to the corporate culture.

Remote Open Office Hours

“For a big company change, consider an ‘ask me anything’ option with leadership where anyone in the company can share their thoughts and ask questions about the upcoming change,” says Somers. The author suggests organizations schedule regular sessions where a team representative answers questions and engages with their teams.

With deliberate planning, enterprises can help their remote workers settle in and love their workplace. With the right communication and human resource management tool, companies can create a positive work environment. To read the original article, click on https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/how-to-keep-remote-workers-feeling-disconnected.

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