Facebook’s Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Look into the Future

The newly introduced Facebook’s Ray-Ban sunglasses have become the talk of the tech circle. Even though Bose has introduced multimedia sunglasses, Facebook’s Ray-Ban sunglasses are becoming popular. The credit goes to their technical limitations and their repercussions on privacy. Scott Stein talks about the sunglasses in a video for CNET, where he states that the sunglasses show promise but still have a long way to go. They have built-in speakers, a 5-megapixel camera, and sensors to control the volume, click photos, or record videos. There is a good possibility that sunglasses companies will begin collaborating with the technology giants to deliver a unique combination of style and technology. Facebook’s Ray-Ban sunglasses claim to have a battery life of 6 hours but have a run time of 2-3 hours when used extensively.

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