Hackers Are Aiming For Your Smart Home IoT Devices

Smart home IoT devices are becoming popular, and more hackers are using them for their devious agenda. GeoEdge, a global cybersecurity firm, has detected a malvertising spurt since June 2021. Most of these attacks are coming from cyber criminals located in Slovenia and Ukraine. In this article at Security Brief, Shannon Williams shares how the hackers are using malvertising to infiltrate your smart home IoT devices and systems and disrupt your security.

Malvertising and Smart Home IoT Devices

More than 30 billion devices will be available for use by 2025, per market research firm IoT Analytics. While a connected world is a thing experts are looking forward to, there is a catch. If one of your security networks is compromised, your other connected systems are more likely to get hacked. Once you click on a malicious online advertisement, the hackers can get access to your smart home IoT devices. What’s more? The cybercrooks just need “a basic understanding of device API documentation, some JavaScript knowledge and rudimentary online advertising skills,” claims Williams.

Understanding Malvertising

You must stay prepared for the risks you will undertake after installing smart home IoT devices. Malvertising is inserting malware through an online ad into your connected network. Sometimes, the malware is already present in their smart home IoT devices despite the users not clicking on such ads.

How to Prepare

Research revealed that hackers could control smart home IoT devices and did not need user consent to download apps. These criminals could easily enter your secure network and steal your personal data by malvertising, such as financial information. They can even operate your smart systems like locks and surveillance cameras. Ensure that you have a real-time security ecosystem to detect such advertisements and stop them from reaching the page or inbox you are accessing.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://securitybrief.co.nz/story/malvertising-targeting-iot-devices-connected-to-smart-home-networks

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