How an Agile Mindset Helped Us In the Pandemic

Modern technologies and business operations have experienced a drastic change with the introduction of agile methodologies and mindsets. During the pandemic, many workforces switched to remote work, which offered new challenges to businesses. It was with the help of agile methods that companies could get control of the critical situation. In her article for ‘Agile Connection,’ Nahla Davies explains how the agile mindset helped working professionals during the pandemic and why it should be instilled by companies globally.

Managing DevOps Agility

When employees switched to remote work, developers and IT professionals faced challenges deploying quality-oriented software while balancing the speed of release. In addition, they were also concerned about monitoring the dependability and accessibility of their applications. Agile testing practices helped software development organizations that deal with the coding, testing, and deploying software maintain consistency. Synchronized agility helped such organizations swiftly address the concerns the workforce faced and lived up to the stakeholders’ expectations as well.

Enhancing Project Management

Agile methodologies’ fundamental aim is to empower collaborative space between team members and clients. The same thing can be deemed relevant for a project management team and its process. Project management teams are formed to ensure the projects’ completion within a stipulated time and to resolve any challenges that come across their path. Agile methodologies enabled organizations to enhance their project management process by finding the perfect balance between quality of output, speed of production, and team collaboration. Quality collaboration software helps the team with a valuable understanding of previous customer engagements.

With the help of such agile methodologies, an organization, big or small, can manage several client relationships while focusing on getting more clients. In addition, the company can also focus on other aspects such as budget management even while working remotely.    

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