How Are Agile Approach and Agile Tools Different?

Many working professionals confuse strategic concepts and tactical work because they think agile tools usually offer tactical aid. To enhance their agile tools, they instill an agile framework without proper customization, which leads to organizational rigidity. As you all know, the primary goal of using agile methods is to bring flexibility to the company’s practices. In her article for ‘Rothman Consulting Group Inc.,’ Johanna clarifies the differences between agile strategies and tactics.

Strategy Deals with ‘Why’ and ‘Who’

The strategy takes care of the ‘why’ and ‘who’ aspects of an agile process. They establish a foundation of the contextual questions that take the approach forward. When an organization plans to define its strategy, it responds to the meta-questions: why do we exist as an enterprise? What is our ambition? What types of problems should we share with our different sections of customers? It is these unique insights that define the strategic aspect of the business. If you realize that you do not have unique answers to these questions, your organization is probably a commodity business. There is a possibility that you compete on price, and subsequently, you do not need agility for product development.

Tactics Deal with ‘Which,’ ‘When,’ and ‘How’

Agile tactics usually focus on the questions like, ‘Which product do we offer to our different sections of customers?’, ‘When should we introduce these products?’ and ‘How do we want our customers to use these products?’ The strategic questions enable you to figure out your enterprise’s uniqueness and who you think would be at the receiving end. On the contrary, tactical questions allow you to realize where you need short feedback sessions between strategy and tactics.

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