How Is Behavioral Analysis Related to ITIL?

Behavioral analysis became prevalent in the 1950s. By the 1970s, it was extensively used for workforce and service management. Many successful companies pay attention to the behavioral details that help them in the long run. However, there are several enterprises where project managers do not follow the behavioral protocol. They believe micromanaging, scolding, and pressuring employees will get things done faster. Not only is it wrong, but those tactics are unproductive. In his article for Axelos, Leif Andersson talks about the connection between behavioral analysis and ITIL.

Connecting the Dots

Various behavioral aspects are widely explored in ITIL 4, be it servant leadership in ITIL 4 Specialist Create or Deliver Support. Every business should define its servant leadership modules and the type of behavior they encourage. ITIL provides you with the tools and ways to run things smoothly, but it is the workforce that makes or breaks an organization. ITIL involves the workforce at every step and is supposed to bring cultural and ethical improvement. A business should make optimal use of the ITIL resources to improve the behavioral parameter of the workforce.

Making Things Better

Managers often think that it is their responsibility to manage the workforce and bring positive change. The problem arises when they feel they are the system managers and hence, an external unit of the team that does not need to adhere to the changes or resolutions. Project managers should lead by example and imbibe the qualities they expect to see in their team. Rather than telling people what they should do, you should ask what they are comfortable with and the problems they might face if exposed to a challenging task.

Additionally, you should elaborate on specific reinforcers for every employee and think of different ways to incorporate them. Reinforcers help employees to uplift their mindset and progress positively towards the given task.

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