How to Ace Virtual Work Presentations

Whether you are a presentation pro or a beginner, delivering a remote presentation is often different from regular ones. You no longer have to rely on stage presence or persuasive body language. However, the main challenge of remote work presentations is to keep your audience involved, so they do not engage themselves with their phones or browse the web instead. This article at Insider explains how to improve remote work presentations.

Are Your Presentations Boring?

According to studies, 89% of workers said they were distracted during work presentations. Reports revealed that during virtual presentations,

42% read emails or text messages28% scrolled through memes on social media26% listened to music25% shopped online28% completed work not related to the presentation27% used the bathroom

What made presentations boring for employees?

Studies have identified three main reasons for distraction during online presentations. Here are some reasons:

60% indicated meetings are too long54% revealed they are too data-heavy52% believed that they had dull and uninspiring visuals

How to Master Virtual Presentations

Be Crisp

It is hard to captivate the attention of people over video calls due to immense on-screen fatigue. Therefore, ensure your presentation content is crisp. Do not add unnecessary details. Focus on the crucial points rather than dragging out the presentation with long talking points.

Make It Visually Attractive

Remote work presentations are about making the content look efficient and attractive. Interactive pictures or videos can make your presentations more engaging. Do you want to captivate the attention of your viewers? Make your presentations trendy.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have gathered the content, structure your presentation and practice it. This will help you get a better grip on your content and also perfect your virtual presentation skills.

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