How to Be Taken Seriously in a Virtual Meeting

Do you feel your thoughts are not taken seriously in a virtual meeting? You must appear professional and speak well to engage your stakeholders. For that, you must radiate confidence despite conversing with them remotely. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares ways you can display your confidence in a virtual meeting.

Virtual Meeting Confidence Tips

Since the majority of the workforce is still working from home, you must be attending at least one virtual meeting per day. It was difficult to get attention in a physical meeting, and it is now tougher to attract an audience in a virtual meeting. Once you start being taken seriously, you can build more rapport and remotely connect with more influential stakeholders. Here are some ways you can establish authority in a virtual meeting:

Makeover Guidelines

Wear clothes suitable for a formal setting. For instance, you would not go to the office wearing a wrinkled shirt.Think over the type of conversations you might have and how you would want to respond to them.If you are presenting or need to go through some documents, join early and get everything ready.Preview how you would look when the camera finally turns on for the virtual meeting. Straighten up the visual and your looks.Clean up the surrounding area before going live. You do not want to show an unkempt room to the whole world.Do not sit in direct sunlight or against it. It will blind your stakeholders. Sit in a place with sufficient light on your face.Do not hunch over your laptop or system. Sit straight and keep your hands in a relaxed position.For better virtual meeting engagement, look at the camera while talking.Listen to what others are saying before commenting.Avoid working or replying to others while you are in the team meeting. You might lose an important piece of information.Keep your phone on mute or in vibration. Phone notifications disturb you as well as your stakeholders.Since you are not physically in one place, you must communicate better in a virtual meeting.Avoid rushing to provide an opinion when another person is speaking.Everyone has stopped their work to attend the conference. Ensure that you ask pertinent questions.If you do not have much to add, take notes and ask questions.It is best not to badmouth others or spread rumors in a virtual meeting. That decreases the respect you have earned so far.Have a positive frame of mind instead of being aloof or sounding disengaged and inattentive.

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