How to Compensate Teams for Working Overtime

Employees are already burdened with extra workload because of the skills shortage and digital transformation in almost every organization. However, you need to get deliverables out the door to keep the lights on and keep people employed. So, how do you convince people to be ready for weekday or weekend overtime? Furthermore, you need to ensure that the team members get value out of the extra work hours. In this article at PMStudent, Margaret Meloni shares five ways you can compensate teams for working overtime.

5 Steps to Get Overtime Buy-ins

Project deadlines are mostly shorter than the available resources amid this pandemic. So, apart from pulling your employees away from their families, you also risk employee burnout due to overtime work. Here are five ways you can avoid all these issues despite asking teams to put in those extra hours:

Work Transparency

Explain to the team the necessity of working overtime for the coveted client. However, you should make it clear that it is not a regular practice. Tell the working professionals why you chose them for this overtime. Create an outline describing the number of extra hours they must work to help get the project done on time. Listen to what they have to say about your plan.

Non-Monetary Incentives

Money does not always do the trick, especially for highly paid employees. Throw in incentives like compensatory time off, dining coupons, work hour flexibility, and so on. Remember, your rewards must be sincere and worth their time and effort.

People-First Attitude

Some of your team members might already be working harder than others. Asking them to work overtime would put undue stress on them. If you want them to willingly participate in your overtime drive, show genuine empathy and concern for their well-being. Studies indicate that 76 percent of working professionals are efficient when they have an empathetic work environment.


Team members are doing you a favor by working overtime. So, you must allow some flexibility to help them cope with the extra work hours. For instance, grant them the choice to work from home instead of commuting to work. Let them work an hour extra every day instead of forcing them to slog five more hours after their regular shift ends.

Role Model

If you want them to work overtime, make sure you are around to keep them motivated. You cannot expect to enjoy your family time when your team is working late into the night.

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