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How to Involve Team Members in a Management Workshop

Many organizations struggle to engage their employees in project management workshops. Instead of taking them as learning opportunities, employees perceive them as extra work or something that does not have a logical implementation. However, with the professional world in constant change, project management workshops are gaining popularity and are essential for thriving businesses. In his article for Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall shares several ways to engage professionals in management workshops.

Know Your Audience

Usually, workshops excel when they are managed and carried out in relation to the target audience. For instance, if you are a business owner or a project manager and want to conduct a project management workshop, you should consider performing an online survey. It should focus on learning the employees’ interests as well as suggestions and concerns regarding any current management challenges.

Develop Group Interaction

Experts believe that group interaction enables transparent work relationships between employees. Activities such as affinity diagrams help employees better understand their peers and channel their energy and skills to common goals. Moreover, enabling group activities and communication enhances better networking possibilities that are good for employees and the business.

Exhibit Variation

It becomes crucial to engage participants with different elements to convey your ideas. Using visual aids, such as flowcharts, videos, or graphs can help you explain your point more clearly. Additionally, it is good to involve participants in activities and frequent questions and answers. Once the employees stop thinking of the workshop as a task and more like a learning activity, their skills will vastly improve and consequently help the business.

Additionally, you can involve team members by using case studies. This will give you and your team an opportunity to discuss the context and analysis of a situation. The case study could be a project event, a project knowledge area, a project process, or even a challenging project. 

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