Improve Engagement for Better Project Management

You cannot perform project management without engagement from stakeholders. The approach is, in fact, a business process that is intertwined with building products, maintaining upkeep, and various related activities. So, your goal should be to perform these tasks while keeping the bigger picture in mind. In this article at Project Times, George Pitagorsky shares why you should improve engagement for better project management.

Project Management and Engagement

Stakeholder engagement maintenance starts with your first meeting with the prospective client. You then go through the process of detecting the opportunities you have with the customer. Next comes proposal building and portfolio development.

Negotiation of project scope, budget, and timeline ends in a comprehensive agreement signed by all parties. The team creates the product, you regularly share the progress, and the crew ultimately completes the delivery. If need be, you also agree to provide extended services until the client is satisfied with the product features and services.

Ongoing Improvement

This list of activities cannot happen smoothly if you do not improve your service responses and performance over time. So, treat improvement of engagement as an ongoing program where you evaluate, discuss, and train team members for better performance.

This improvement process is not limited to a few training sessions but should be while people are working on the deliverables. Review the results using the 4-staged Kirkpatrick training evaluation model—reaction, learning, behavior, and results.

Meeting Expectations

When you designate an individual as a stakeholder, it means that person has a stake in the project’s future. Whatever happens to the project will directly impact the individual. So, your project management skills should create a viable product that will bring positive returns to stakeholders. For instance, ‘cost and effort reduction, improved quality, profitability, and healthy client and staff relations’. So, measure the level of engagement with stakeholders for project success.

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