Is ‘15-Minute Cities’ a Concept of Modern Concern?

The idea of ‘15-minute cities’ is a modern concept where people want everything they need in their close vicinity. The drastically transforming technology has become convenient for people to reduce the commute to their office, distance to purchase food, and many other things. In one of their recent videos, Emily Chang of Bloomberg Technology gets in conversation with Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG Plc, where they discuss the possibilities of ’15-minute cities.’ People are witnessing cities opening up gradually after the pandemic. Things have changed irreversibly. In the current scenario, everyone prefers to be close to home to look after their family and friends. It strengthens the sense of belonging that has become a significant aspect of everyone’s lives after the pandemic. If you consider 2020 the year of the pandemic, Dixon states that 2021 can be viewed as the year of market rejuvenation. Industries are getting back into a better shape, where they aim to help people locally.

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