Is a Scrum Master Essential for Developed Teams?

Your scrum team members have been owning responsibilities for quite a while now. The Scrum Master was there to help them stay aligned with the Scrum methods. Now, team members are highly aligned with the framework and have been productively delivering working models since the project’s inception. Are you wondering if the role of the Scrum Master is still needed in the team? Find out the relevance of the position in a mature and developed team in this Scrum.org article by Ken Kwan.

Team Development and Scrum Master

Scrum Masters are like referees that have refined their skills through years of experience. While the referees are responsible for every soccer team’s move, a Scrum Master is accountable for your team’s methodology.

Referee vs. Master

The difference between a referee and a Scrum leader is in the implementation of alignment. The former sets the rules, and everyone must follow those. The latter interprets client directions to enable people to work accordingly.


Both need to be on top of the game to guide the team through thick and thin. The experts make sure their crew does not feel pressured to work outside the work scope. If need be, Scrum Masters and referees can predict the risks and alert the team members to avoid or mitigate problems. These experts are farsighted enough to understand that things can take a turn for the better or for the worse. Even seemingly insignificant factors can halt a project.

But how will the people know which factors to focus on? This is where a leader’s insights come in. For instance, a referee can stop unnecessary arguments or physical clashes between rivals in the field through yellow or red cards. Meanwhile, a Scrum Master can help the team prioritize product backlogs. If a stakeholder is confused about requirements, the Scrum Master can sort out the problems to prevent a sudden influx of irrelevant work in an ongoing development cycle. Teams can peacefully achieve the sprint goal and continue working per the plan.

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