Measuring Performance by KPIs and Metrics

With the advent of technologies, many websites have begun to experience cut-throat competition and urgency to stay relevant in these challenging times. Organizations struggle to think of specific key metrics to make their websites’ performance better and more efficient. However, some websites perform comparatively well without practicing any complex operations. In her article for ‘DigiPro Marketers,’ Stela Parker talks about decisive metrics and KPIs to enhance your website’s performance.

Time to Title

‘Time to Title’ is the time a website takes to appear in the browser when the user enters an inquiry. If the website takes too long to appear, the user might go back and look for other options on the internet. When a user comes back from your website, it further increases the bounce rate.

Time to Render

‘Time to Render’ is commonly defined as the time interval when a user puts in a query and the content starts loading. Websites need to show quick results as the user has innumerable choices at its disposal. Moreover, what is most important for the website is to deliver content, the failure of which will compel the user to move on to the next possible choices.

Interact Time

‘Interact Time’ is the most vital aspect of enhancing the performance of your website. Interaction time is defined as the time taken by the websites until users interact with them. Interaction commonly consists of scrolling, submitting forms, consuming content, to name a few. If the website takes too long to load the content, it will result in a longer interaction time, which will eventually frustrate the user.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is perceived as the rate that helps calculate how many new visitors accessed your website. It monitors the unique sessions that are held in regular intervals of time. Various aspects account for the conversion rate, including website traffic, speed, interactive call to actions button, to name a few.

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