Popular Instances Where IT Received What It Deserves

Companies often struggle to achieve their potential. It gets difficult to achieve the optimal, keeping in mind the tight workforce and other resources. When it comes to the IT division, business owners usually switch priorities and emphasize cost-cutting to make things run smoothly. However, businesses typically fail to acknowledge the fact that CIOs do not rely on conventional actions to deliver results. In her article for CIO Insight, Anna Maria Virzi shares some famous instances where the IT division helped their companies.

Dual Management

Many organizations try to provide a conducive environment for their workforce. They provide the latest desktop, network, and back-office software applications to run things effortlessly. However, Virzi advises that companies should invest equally in business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing. Here are some companies that altered their situations for the better.

eBay’s Innovation Mechanism

eBay realigned its technical mechanism to match scaleable market capabilities. One of the primary reasons for doing so was the company’s belief that external developers would help eBay’s platform be more relevant and grow further in its second decade.

SOA and TD Banknorth Integration

Service-oriented architecture has helped several financial companies such as TD Banknorth in simplifying integration difficulties. It has also helped the organizations to develop their legacy into a more responsive and agile enterprise when it comes to customers’ needs.

Warner Bros’ Digital Supply Chain

Warner Bros. aims to rejuvenate its image from being an obsolete film production house into something more of an elegant digital supply chain.

US Airways Reduces Customer Drag

The airline business has been experiencing struggles that led to the merger of US Airways and America West as an opportunity to improve revenue growth.

LAPD’s Collaborative Networking

It is an initiative launched in the aftermath of 9/11. The LAPD has motivated federal, state, county, and local authorities to collect information and share it among themselves for better collaboration.

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