PR KPIs: A Practical Guide for Your Tech Startup

Companies of all sizes use digital public relations (PR) KPIs to measure their marketing results. Marketing experts believe that 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of inputs. But where should you channel your marketing efforts and resources? In this article at UKTN, Mary Glazkova explains some digital PR KPIs every entrepreneur must know.

What Should You Track?

Domain Authority

As an entrepreneur, you must learn how to get backlinks. “Once you figure this out, you will earn a good number of backlinks from media and influencers, that will increase your DA,” explains Glazkova. Furthermore, this will help you rank higher on the search results page. Find websites that are appropriate to your business or product. Aim for a DA score above 40 to improve your search ranking.

Lead Generation

To determine if your lead generation tactics pay off, monitor the cost-effectiveness of your lead generation channels and customer acquisition. Use pipeline management software to get the latest data. Filter the prospects by dates to see the number of new leads during a particular period. Monitoring the qualified leads will help you analyze whether your PR campaigns effectively focus on targeted leads or generate traffic from your non-prospective audience.

Return on PR Spend (ROPRS)

ROPRS measures whether the cost of your acquisition efforts is worth their expenditure. How do you calculate ROPRS? Categorize all leads in your sales funnel by using customer relationship management (CRM) software. Filter prospects by tags and dates to evaluate the number of qualified leads in each qualification category.

Remember, how you measure your outreach efforts’ success will change the way digital PR experts work. Ensure that your digital PR teams constantly evaluate what to measure. Learn how they impact your business’s bottom line. To read the original article, click on https://www.uktech.news/news/3-digital-pr-kpis-every-entrepreneur-should-know-20210625.

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