Qualities of an AI-Oriented Organization

AI automation has become an integral part of people’s everyday lives. In the professional space, most companies have undergone a systematic operational transformation to support AI stratagems, while some are still contemplating their next move. Companies usually think of AI adoption as a complete robotic invasion, where machines would go rogue and harm the business or workforce. They do not realize that every company that has opted for digital transformation is already working with AI as an instrument to amplify their business model. In her article for the InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan shares several qualities of an AI-based organization that will help other businesses to get a clearer understanding of AI’s working modules.

Empowering a Business-Based Approach

AI is mainly helpful in cases that require data computing and analysis. Businesses need to look at AI from a business point of view and think of innovative possibilities that AI can enhance. Companies should gather knowledge about different AI units that can help their businesses and set realistic expectations from artificial intelligence.

Backing Workforce with AI

Many business owners initially believed that AI would replace the workforce, and that would adversely affect the social balance. Not only has it proved false, but AI has also proven itself as a great help to the working professionals in easing their work. Professional service network PwC has established a platform called Digital on Demand that helps its employees practice and execute knowledge they have achieved as part of a $3-billion upskilling program.

Besides, AI also enables third-party logistics providers to respond to shipping and delivery crises as soon as possible. Such time-saving AI models are also considerably transparent for end-users and help enterprises record back-end variables such as raw material stock, manpower, and others.

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