Tips to Explore Experiential Learning Programs

Experiential learning is a concept where learners develop knowledge and implement it in a real-world setting. The program focuses on the first-hand experience of the learners. It gives people an opportunity to confront the circumstantial reality and learn more about the entire process by actively participating in it. These programs have been widely included in internships, externships, post-graduate programs, service-learning programs, volunteering, and others. In her article for ‘The Balance Careers,’ Alison Doyle talks about experiential learning programs and how they can make you a desirable candidate in the professional world.

How Does It Work?

Experiential learning enables the learners to accustom themselves to the reality of their profession. It depends on the professional field if you want to work as an apprentice to a tradesman or craftsman or work as an intern in the corporate sector. Boston University Center for Teaching and Learning stated that experiential learning should constitute four factors:

EvaluationAutonomyEngagementOpportunity to learn from mistakes

The evaluation is an essential aspect of getting a clearer understanding of the profession. Autonomy is crucial to enhance the decision-making ability and hold yourself accountable for the outcomes. Experiential learning allows you to engage with like-minded people and learn from your shortcomings and successes in the long run.

Discovering the Right Program

There are several ways to find the right experiential program for your professional interests. For college career services, you can access the career services office to explore internships, fellowships, service-learning programs, and much more. Many companies run internships and apprenticeship programs for potential employees. In addition, the U.S Department of Labour’s CareerOneStop is a great platform to develop a better understanding of internships, apprenticeships, and training programs for a wide range of professions.

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