Tips to Reduce Team Friction and Ensure Team Growth

Teams are the fundamental unit of business corporations. They are an essential aspect of the work culture when assessing situations and delivering results from different prospects. Teams need to have a smooth operation to avoid adverse effects on the business and the team members’ professional and personal abilities. Some situations lead to friction between team members that are not appropriately resolved. In her article for PM Student, Heather Reading shares several tips to reduce team friction and ensure team growth for a better and rewarding working environment.

Improving Communication

Bi-directional communication is considered to be the most crucial element of a thriving business. If team members cannot communicate and convey their opinions freely, it will obstruct the free flow of ideas. Moreover, people will stop sharing their concerns and develop an impenetrable wall around them that will affect your project’s success. Your team should communicate freely and provide a conducive environment for the reserved members to feel comfortable and freely share their opinions.

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Many team members experience discord because they are unsure of their roles and what they should expect from other team members. To prevent misunderstanding, you should describe each team member’s role and responsibility. When the members are aware of their work profile, they can work on their duties more efficiently, and it will help the team operate at its best.

Develop Accountability

One of the ways to incorporate an accountability culture in your team is by creating an accountability document. The document defines the responsibilities assigned to specific members so that they are held responsible for the outcome. You should strive to encourage team members to take ownership of their work. Celebrate their victories and help them to improve when they experience failure.

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