Top Careers for Remote Work

the pandemic has globally amplified remote work. Many organizations are shifting their workforce online. Additionally, they are digitizing the entire internal operations along with customer and client servicing. Remote work has been a great help to employees. It is a godsend for people that have to take care of their elderly parents, have problems commuting to the workplace, or have their spouse transferred to another place. It is a blessing to spend those few hours with your kids while still young, and remote work is a great way to enjoy that time. In her article for The Muse, Emily Eliza Moyer talks about different career choices that support remote work.


Marketing has become a gigantic professional sector in the modern world. It comprises several sectors, from brand awareness, digital promotion to social media management. Business owners aim to employ talented marketers that can amplify their brand visibility and help them grow revenue. A marketing job is an acute combination of creativity and an analytical mindset. Companies are looking for employees that can deliver results, no matter where they work from.


Writing is in demand in every company and every industry. Branded content, content writing, social media content, copywriting, and technical writing are some of the different options widely explored in modern industries. As said, writing is a solitary work, making it a perfectly suitable job for remote work.

Software Engineering

Web development has made a lot of businesses unleash their profitability and visibility. Before the pandemic, companies believed in the fallacy that software engineers were supposed to work from the office. One of the reasons was that web developers had to have frequent discussions with developers and designers. However, software engineers can work from their homes without distractions and perform optimally with many interaction-oriented apps and websites.

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