Use Back-end Metrics for Contingent Staff Efficiency

A program manager and resource vendor can be satisfied with front-end metrics like fill rate and bill ratio. But these do not reveal the real picture that goes on in the background. Fill rate is a popular metric because it shows how fast vacancies are filled in an organization. However, for long-term benefits, you must have better parameters. In this article at HR Daily Advisor, Antonio Barraza shares how back-end metrics are effective in measuring contingent staff efficiency.

Back-end Metrics for Ad-Hoc Workers

According to Barraza, “Back-end metrics can highlight breakdowns in communication, discrepancies in accounts payable, and other issues tied to the success of your contingent workforce program.” However, things may change as projects develop. For instance, you might have to give more work flexibility to the ad-hoc or contingent workforce. Based on the remote work setup, you must have these back-end metrics ready for use:

Customer Service Rating

This helps the contingent workers to understand which tasks need prioritizing. Stakeholders also can discover how the platforms used by ad-hoc resources are working. If need be, management should install updates for better contingent workforce management. Vendors can analyze their communication levels with the human resources and program managers.

Payroll and Invoicing

Back-end metrics like these can help smoothen the conflict arising out of incorrect billing processes. Vendors can also help the workforce understand how to correctly calculate invoice information. Doing this early in the relationship saves a lot of time at the end of the contingent workforce service cycle.

Communication Response Time

This is one of the back-end metrics that point out the time your vendors took to respond to contingent workforce queries. But the metric has a deeper significance. Without proper responses, ad-hoc employees will not be able to produce deliverables on time. This will result in project failure. Based on this metric, you can figure out if it is possible to meet deadlines. It also helps to improve how you can leverage on-demand employees’ work bandwidth.

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