What Are the Most Valuable IT Skills in 2021?

Information technology has proved to be a promising industry, and it has shown intent to grow seamlessly in the future. Every business with an IT division empowers systematic analysis of its product and allows it to reach its target audience more efficiently. As the IT industry progresses by leaps and bounds, several IT skills are in significant demand and might become mandatory in the next few years. In her article for IT Chronicles, Nina Petrov talks about numerous IT-related skills that can ensure you a better future in the IT industry.


When the pandemic approached, companies had to shift the bulk of databases and records online to enable remote working that increased the risk of data theft. Many companies are still endorsing the idea of remote working. Consequently, data privacy and cloud vulnerability have become a more pressing concern in today’s scenario. The field of cybersecurity is generating a huge number of jobs that are going largely unfilled. The shortage of cybersecurity employees is leading to a global loss of $6 trillion every year.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has essentially taken over the conventional server infrastructure in recent years. It enables organizations to store their records and incorporate their services and products directly into the cloud. According to CompTIA, cloud computing can help companies reduce costs, capital expenditures, operational complications and provide the enterprise with innumerable features to improve their business.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning became a popular vocation when businesses evaluated extensive data to make better decisions. Ever since then, the immediacy to get skillful AI and machine learning employees has significantly increased. Employees familiar with C++, Python, AWS, and natural language processing have the edge in understanding the data. It consequently helps companies to generate effective results and make the required changes to grow their business.

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