What to Do If You Are Handling a Big Project

Handling a big project is challenging for managers because they are dependent on several urgent factors. Most are immediate requests, while others are important requirements. What do you prioritize when you have influential stakeholders breathing down your neck? They need to know that their investment and interest in the project are taken care of. In this article at ProjectSmart, discover how you should be handling a big project.

Tips to Manage a Big Project

A usual practice to deliver any big project is to divide it into manageable smaller projects. These might be independent or interdependent based on the task list you assign the team members. Ensure that not all of them have dependencies because that would cause further delays. Let’s find out the rest of the steps to tackle a big project:

Delivery Consistency

After dividing the large project into smaller projects, you should not lose control of the deliverables. Have regular checkpoints so that all projects produce deliverables on time and within budget. If there is any roadblock in these projects, fast-track the mitigation process.

Budget Division

When you divide the large project, its budget should also be divided. Each of the sub-projects must be allotted a budget below $1 million. This enables you to manage them better because you can track the project expenditure from the get-go.

Shorter Timeline

The smaller projects should have a shorter delivery timeline. You need to have a buffer time to tie up all the loose ends. So, no sub-project should run more than six months. Start collecting and combining the features as each comes to the end of the development cycle.

Efficient Team Structure

Each team member should be resourceful. You are dividing the team members of a big project to focus on specific tasks. Make sure the roles go to the teammates that are best suited for the job. That will create fewer errors and dependencies and speed up development.

Value-Driven Goals

At the end of the day, your customers must draw value from the deliverables. So, your motive should not only be to deliver on time but also focus on value. Go above and beyond your call of duty to understand the value add-ons you can provide in addition to what they asked for.

Mistakes to Avoid

Do not wait until the last moment to showcase your deliverables. Have working models ready each time you have to meet with stakeholders. You will be surprised by the number of modification requests you will get after these meetings.After dividing the large project, treat each smaller project like the main project, complete with development stages. Without them, you will keep delaying the main deliverables of these sub-projects.Though smaller projects are easier to handle, they can be as complex as a big project. Do not lose sight of them.

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