Why Do Managers Participate in Scrum Retrospectives?

Agile recommends that team members learn to self-manage themselves. Some project managers feel their role will diminish if the methodology becomes a standard development approach in organizations. So, they insist on participating in retrospectives that do not necessarily require their responses. In this article at DZone, Stefan Wolpers analyzes why managers want to join retrospectives.

Managers and Retrospectives

Scrum retrospectives serve as a technique to improve Scrum team developmental methods so that managers can participate at times. But, according to the Scrum Guide 2020, ‘Within a Scrum Team, there are no sub-teams or hierarchies’. So, the involvement of managers in retrospectives is not necessary. However, here are the reasons managers still want to be part of these sessions:

Fear of Missing Out

Managers are responsible for developing team members, scheduling and handling tasks, and managing project-related information. So, they believe that they cannot control the team well if they are not present in Scrum team meetings like retrospectives.

Detail Collection

Even if leaders do not participate in retrospectives, they want the minutes of the meeting to be handed over by their team. This could cause issues because team members will lose time having separate informal discussions.

Seniority Complex

During a retrospective, team members should openly discuss matters without the fear of hierarchy. If managers happen to be part of the Scrum retrospective, they will definitely get an edge over others while making decisions. So, the goal of having the retrospective be an eye-opening event is lost.

Instead of joining retrospectives, managers should have meetings with other managers to get a gist of the work. One-on-ones also work well for team members. They can collect information in informal ways and occasionally participate in retrospectives.

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