Why Is the IT-Skills Shortage a Growing Concern?

The competition in the IT sector is fiercer than ever. The industry is offering great opportunities to professionals where they can learn and lead companies. However, the demand in the IT sector is not met with equal supply as talent recruiters struggle to find candidates familiar with the changing paradigms of the IT industry. In his article for InformationWeek, John Edwards shares his thoughts on why the IT skills shortage is becoming a concern for companies and if there is any solution to the problem.

Selective Shortage

Edwards mentions that even though companies face an acute shortage of talented IT professionals in almost all the domains, there is a relatively higher shortage of hands-on professionals with Java development architecture, AI/ML, and cyber security. Terry Jost, managing director and global security leader at Protiviti, asserts that these are the fields that require years of practice and research. Organizations generally do not provide the necessary resources or learning opportunities to their employees, eventually resulting in talent loss. Companies tend to possess a narrowed mindset when it comes to adapting to changes in this context.

Multichannel Recruitment

Organizations that face a grave shortage of IT staff should consider multichannel recruitment. College graduates will be asked to join companies where they will be trained in STEM courses. Companies should also take care of the immigration policy and motivate interns with employee upskilling programs.

Furthermore, experts suggest that looking inward helps to find talent in the company that can be pushed to reach its potential. Often, companies find many talented professionals within the company who are waiting for the right opportunity. Leaders should incorporate an engaging work culture and strive to invest in their employees to foster continued business success.

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