Will AI Replace Managers in the Future?

Business owners, managers, and business analysts have been contributing to the endless debate of AI replacing the workforce ever since the advent of artificial intelligence. However, the discussion has taken a new turn. Many experts believe that AI might take over the managerial aspects of businesses. On the contrary, a wide section of technology experts believes AI will never take over the management aspect of an enterprise. In their article for Harvard Business Review, Frank Martela and Jukka Luoma share their insights on the much-heated debate.

AI as a Thoughtful Unit

One of the aspects that had been previously considered to be the most significant advantage for humans over AI was the ability to think. Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman states that thinking involves two specific methods to analyze information: intuitive and conscious. In today’s world, AI can outclass humans in both spheres. It can beat humans in the conscious-reasoning tasks as long as the parameters are already known. Moreover, AI is currently being designed to take intuitive decisions while amassing a large amount of data and analyzing it using machine learning.

How ‘Slow Thinking’ Is an Advantage

Experts believe that slow thinking is one of the most valued cognitive abilities, where humans still have the upper edge over computers. Thinking at a slow pace helps us in reframing the situation and observe it more rationally. Reframing situations does not help with problem-solving. It enables us to figure out the problem that needs to be solved.

AI is an almost impeccable tool to take calculated decisions based on previous data, and it is going to improve in the coming future. Humans can never combat with the computers on that front. What brings humans back in the game is the ability to imagine and reason.

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