7 Ways to Derive Value from One-on-One Meetings

When was the last time you had a one-on-one with every member of your team? Most project leaders have these meetings during annual reviews. These sessions not only let you know how your teammates are contributing but also help you address their concerns and doubts earlier. You cannot expect all to discuss their issues in a standup call. Some reasons could be personal, while others could be about some team-related feedback. In his blog article, Art Petty shares seven ways in which you can derive value from one-on-one meetings.

Tips for One-on-One Meetings

Clear Agenda

Do not schedule a one-on-one without an agenda. Additionally, do not make the sessions seem like a judgment day.

Timings Per Mutual Consent

You can have a successful one-on-one when the other person is interested in it. Do not set a meeting when your team members have more relevant priorities to accomplish.

Not a Status Update

Keep status updates for standup and group meetings. For these one-on-ones, hear what employees want to achieve in their career and how you can reduce their bottlenecks. Share your observation of their performance.

Different Meeting, Different Template

Are you asking the same question for every one-on-one? The chances are that you will get the same boring responses.

Putting It Into Context

Use different ways to pose a question. Personalization would not hurt. Instead of saying what you had to about a new company goal, discuss how you are excited about it.

Role Reversal

Why should you be the only one to schedule an appointment? Let the team members also take ownership of it.

Jazz Up

It does not have to be a repeat telecast of things. To make it more interesting, you can change the venue, the conversation, or the mode of communication. You can have lunch together instead of a formal conference meeting.

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