A Guide to Secure Your Dream Job

An inevitable aspect of every job search is not getting the desired job, despite your best efforts. It is not always clear why you are not able to secure the desired position. However, understanding why you are not getting hired will help you better prepare for the next job. In this article at The Muse, Lily Zhang explains some possible reasons why you are not getting hired and how to fix them.

Answering “Why Can’t I Get a Job?”

Your Resume Does Not Reflect the Job Offer

Companies receive several job applications for various job roles. If your resume fails to convey how suitable you are for the position you applied for, then it will not catch the recruiter’s eyes. Therefore, you must customize it. “You have to be sure to tell anyone reading your application how you are suited for the role by tailoring your resume and cover letter,” says Zhang.

Have You Applied to the Wrong Jobs?

Hiring managers will not hire someone that does not have enough skillsets to do the job. Therefore, thoroughly read the job description and ask yourself if you have the required skills that the job position demands. Ensure that you are neither under-qualified nor overqualified for the roles you are targeting.

You Are Not Applying for Enough Jobs

Having a proactive personality is directly correlated with your successful job hunt. If you are applying to jobs without following up or simply applying to too few jobs, understand that securing the desired job role will take longer.

You Lack References

Networking is one of the most crucial aspects of a job search. Having references will help the recruiters verify your professional history. Therefore, contact the right people willing to speak positively about you to potential employers. Your references can be former coworkers, professors, or people you have done contract work for. Remember to notify your references to expect a call or messages from hiring managers.

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