A Guidebook to Building a High-Impact Team

Most of you might have found yourself working in a less than desirable team environment at some point in your professional life. In such work environments, team members often fear speaking up or face the unpleasant feeling of ‘walking on eggshells.’ – On the contrary, being part of a high-performing team can be a rewarding and motivating experience for both the organization and the employees. So, how can you build a ‘dream team’? In this article at Strategy+Business, Liz Wiseman explains the ways of developing a high-impact team.

Building a High-Impact Team

Be Clear With Goals

For employees to feel connected to a team, they need clear goals and team alignment. Managers of high-performing teams evaluate priorities and team goals to ensure they are effective. Additionally, project managers regularly communicate organizational goals and connect those goals to the team’s work. These factors create a shared sense of purpose and ensure the team is pulling together in the same direction to drive performance.

Appreciate Your Employees

“Managers, if you want your staff members to make work light for you and others, make a practice of flagging behavior that you appreciate,” says Wiseman. This helps in creating a solid bond among the team members. Furthermore, it leads to increased productivity. Rewards and appreciation encourage team members to overcome challenges as a single entity.

Resolve Conflicts

Disagreements within the teams are inevitable. The key is to identify conflicts and resolve them as much as possible. Here are some pointers on how you must address conflict within teams:

Never delay addressing a conflict.Clear the air by setting up a meeting with the entire team.Mediate the discussion yourself.

High-performing teams are an indispensable part of an organization. However, building high-impact teams demand a tremendous amount of work. Start working on your teams right now to see the difference.

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