Achieve Project Success With These Best Practices

It is difficult for project managers to earn the trust and responsibility that comes with the position. Some of the common challenges they face include managing resources, keeping up with the project pace, and ensuring it meets budget and deadlines. As a project manager, you must remember that there is no single way to achieve project management success. However, there are a few powerful tips that you must include in your management style to produce significant results. In this article at Forbes, various industry leaders share their best project management tips.

PM Best Practices to Follow

Identify the Project Requirements

“Determining a proper goal with clearly understood milestones and phase is critical; so is having a project leader who has clearly defined rules of engagement and authority,” explains Gene Chao, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Computing Solutions at Unisys. Once you have developed a plan, create a team capable of effectively implementing the plan. Define roles and allocate the right tasks to team members, keeping their strengths and expertise in mind.

Manage Potential Risks

Risk management is one of the imperative project management practices. Industry leaders advise project managers to stick to the plan even if there is a need to shift external factors that directly impact the project. Ensure that your project roadmap is transparent. The more transparent you are, the more willing team members are to support the changes.

Evaluate Project’s Progress

According to industry leaders, clear accountability, consistent ownership, and effective risk management is key to a project’s success. As an effective project manager, you must evaluate every project aspect to ensure success.

Get a Certified Project Manager

Project management certification will help you hone your skills as a project manager. You would know how to manage a team of different personalities by allocating work to the right person. Furthermore, project management certification helps you gain clients’ trust and communicate their expectations to the teams. To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2021/10/22/16-top-tech-leaders-share-their-best-project-management-tips/?sh=4b7a1c82ed94.

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