Books That Will Improve Your Change Management Skills

Change management plays a vital role in implementing the right transition in an organization at the right time. Besides, if you want your workforce to understand the benefits of the change you intend to bring forth, you should be aware of different change management strategies. Many project managers, business owners, and professionals of varying fields are reluctant to bring a change in their working attitude or strategy. It is essential to weigh different aspects and go for the most productive one. In her article for Girl’s Guide to PM, Elizabeth Harrin shares some of the books that can help you understand the nuances of change management.

Support Your Professional Sphere

Books like ‘Making Sense of Change Management’ by Esther Cameron and Mike Green and ‘Switch’ by Chip and Dan Heath offer new and interesting insights to understand change management in a professional sense. Moreover, ‘The Catalyst’ by Jonah Berger has different examples that will help you to resolve professional conflicts.

Leading Change by John P. Kotter

Professor Kotter’s ‘Leading Change’ is a detailed guide to his eight-step process to bring positive change. However, his book does not strictly talk about organizational change. It also focuses on several sensitive and personal aspects of change, be it for an individual goal or a team-oriented goal.

The Theory and Practice of Change Management by John Hayes

This book has several editions, so it is better to get your hands on the most recent one. It is a must-read for students that want to pursue a career in management. Moreover, this book is also essential for any professional working as a change manager in a big company.

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson

This book talks about the importance of the theory of change and how to let it take place effectively. A lot of the conversations that project managers lead are brave communicational pieces. Whether you give feedback to one of your employees or tell your clients that the product is running behind schedule, you are surrounded by difficult conversations. This book is an excellent guide to provide you with a unique standpoint and deal with such situations.

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