Can Watching Employees Improve Their Efficiency?

Two years ago when the pandemic hit the world, organizations witnessed a massive shift in their operations. Some of them were not even sure if they could make so many transitions in such a small span of time. Many businesses shut down; a lot of employees were let go by their companies. It was a time of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. However, the pandemic compelled enterprises to acknowledge some aspects of their business they had been avoiding for quite a long time.

Companies began to address the feasibility of remote and hybrid working, which has become a new normal. Many employees are returning to the office, and some have started experimenting with the hybrid work model. In her article for strategy+business, Linda Rodriguez McRobbie shares her thoughts on keeping an eye on the employees and how it impacts their work and office culture.

Is Monitoring Employees a Growing Business?

In January 2021, a survey suggested that one in five companies used surveillance software to remotely monitor their workforce. In some instances, some of the companies used the surveillance software without the employees’ consent. Initially, surveillance software manufacturing companies were not many in number. But with the pandemic, their numbers have risen dramatically. According to an analysis report published by Top 10 VPN, the demand for workforce surveillance software has observed a hike of 58% since 2020.

Can Surveillance Work as a Reinforcement?

There may be a group of senior leadership that might think of surveillance as a positive tool. They might state that you are less likely to steal something and behave in a rogue fashion if you are under scrutiny. Being watched gives a sense of positive reinforcement, where you aspire to impress the other person with your skills and talent. However, surveillance can also be seen as a direct blow to privacy.   

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