Career Lessons You Must Learn from Elon Musk

Elon Musk is now the global symbol of innovation, leadership, and creativity. Many young entrepreneurs want to follow his path. His unique leadership traits and diligence have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs. In this video at Forbes, Reid Hoffman discusses some of the valuable lessons he learned from Musk. One of Hoffman’s lessons includes assembling a great team. Hiring the wrong person for a job can be catastrophic in terms of the amount of money and time wasted. Secondly, Hoffman also believes that Elon has bypassed the usual channels. For example, by challenging conventional trends, he introduced the refreshing concept of electric vehicles that most automobile manufacturers ignored. The biggest takeaway from Musk’s life journey is never to give up. To discover more about the essential life lessons Reid Hoffman learned from Elon Musk, watch this video.

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