CIO: How to Establish a Partnership with CEO

Whether you are a chief information officer (CIO) or a chief technology officer (CTO), you are one of the most integral members of the C-suite team. You are responsible for setting winning organization-wide IT strategies. Today, CEOs need their CIOs’ help to navigate the global market turbulence more than ever. This successful collaboration and mutual understanding undoubtedly drive an organization forward. So, how can they keep that respect and power to create a true partnership? In this article at TechTarget, Pam Baker explains some steps CIOs can use to be strategic partners with CEOs.

Establishing Strategic Relationship

Effectively Communicate

Whether you are trying to guide future investment opportunities or increase IT credibility, establishing effective communication with CEO is critical. “The CIO role is critical in balancing vision with reality to keep the company on course. Business leaders and line managers often cannot easily explain what they are aiming to do,” says Baker. Start by:

Linking your conversations to business outcomes, benefits, metrics, and real choicesOffering real choices and identifying the implications of eachAddressing the elements for which a CEO is accountable and communicating how your proposals support those elements

Proactively Identify the Threats

The pandemic has brought new threats and risks to all business types. As a CIO, you must navigate the company safely around the obstacles and threats. CEOs must support CIOs and ensure that their strategies are implemented and understood at every level of an organization. CEOs must also highlight the importance of IT to the C-suite executives to survive and thrive in this age of ongoing digital disruption.

Do Not Wait for Permission

As a CIO, you must be proactive if you want to be a strategic partner to the CEO. You must move upstream in the decision process.

Without a strong collaboration between the CIO and the CEO, any strategy, no matter how innovative, will never take off. To read the original article, click on https://searchcio.techtarget.com/feature/6-steps-to-create-a-CIO-CEO-strategic-partnership.

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