Connections Between Digital Disruption and Leadership

Technology is progressing at an incredible pace. Experts believe that technological progress over the next five years will be more than what we have done in the last fifty years. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering, stated that there will be at least 14 internet-size revolutions unfolding in the next decade. Be it artificial intelligence, automation, or workplace digitization, everything is moving fast. Such a technologically innovative era puts entrepreneurs and leaders in a very ambitious and responsible position. When you think about the future, it becomes crucial for leaders to use innovative measures to bring futuristic changes to their working models. In her article for the Enterprisers Project, Nancy Giordano talks about digital transformation and its connection to a leadership mindset.

Age of Technological Revolution

The human race is consistently outdoing itself. With sheer audacity and pathbreaking intelligence, people have made life-changing discoveries that have changed the entire world. Lately, that courage and intelligence have been combined with selfishness and inhumanity that have adversely affected the world. Acknowledging the significance of humility and politeness is something future leaders should ponder upon.

Today’s leaders are in a better position than the ones before them. You have the latest technology at your disposal. Moreover, you are at a stage where you can start working on an idea as soon as you conceptualize it. There is no language, distance, or time barrier. You are technically living in a leaders’ paradise.

Becoming a Better Future Leader

To be a better futuristic leader, it is essential to ask important questions. Being curious about the latest advancement in technology will give you a better understanding of the market and contribute to the collective betterment. Secondly, it is essential to focus on the relevance of the innovations and how they impact the world and the climate.

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