Does Network Security Need a New Approach?

The changes you witnessed in the last five years on the technological front are far more than people experienced in the previous 50 years. Workspaces have expanded beyond the horizon, and everything is rapidly evolving. In today’s world, companies that deal with raw data and information are the wealthiest ones. It consequently signifies that data is the new currency thereby automatically increasing the risk of data theft.

Cybersecurity has become an alarming concern. Traditional cybersecurity measures become obsolete as soon as hackers figure a way to defeat them. To lead innovative measures in cybersecurity, research and development are the only two solutions. In his article for Intelligent CISO, Jess Phillips talks to Brendan Maccarron, Palo Alto Networks channel manager, and Kylie Wilkinson, EMEA vendor product manager for Palo Alto Networks, about the rising cybersecurity concerns and how to tackle them.

Data Theft in Small Businesses

Wilkinson mentions that many reports, according to Fundera, have stated that small businesses have become pretty vulnerable to cyberattacks with a growth of approximately 424% in 2020. He adds, “They were previously always seen as the guys that didn’t have to worry; hackers didn’t want their data. But the reality of it all is hackers want everyone’s data.”

Small business owners are not technologically advanced and aware of the cybersecurity culture. It is one of the main reasons why they are at an equal risk of cyberattacks. In comparison, big corporations certainly have a better security framework to avoid cyberattacks, but the stakes are incomparably higher.

Tools to Tackle

Maccarron asserts that the significance of an impactful firewall is more than ever. For a company aiming to opt for a firewall for their cybersecurity, it is better to ensure that the firewall can identify applications regardless of their port protocol. Furthermore, Maccarron states that firewalls should “identify the users, decrypting traffic, decrypt encrypted traffic protecting real-time against known and unknown threats, deliver predictable multi-gigabit inland throughput.”

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