How Are CIOs and IT Managers Different?

There are instances when people get confused between the roles and responsibilities of a CIO and an IT manager. One of the prominent reasons for that is that both fields are associated with the same thing, which is technology. To understand it in simpler terms, a CIO is a person responsible for the technical operations of an entire business. An IT manager primarily deals with the day-to-day operations of IT systems in a department.

In addition, there are certain factors that make CIOs and IT managers distinctively different. In his article for CIO Insight, Aminu Abdullahi outlines several differences between a CIO and an IT manager.

Differences in Details

A chief information officer (CIO) is a strategic professional that overlooks all the significant aspects of a company’s information technology. They have authority over day-to-day operations and can make changes concerning any technological situation. CIOs are responsible for the collective betterment and improvement of a company’s technical front.

An IT manager is responsible for managing different aspects of information technology in an IT department. It is an IT manager’s responsibility to ensure that computers, software, network, hardware, etc., are fully functioning and secure. They are also responsible for supervising and facilitating new technological upgrades in the department and data storage and retrieval.

How Are They Similar?

Due to their professional field being the same, IT managers and CIOs are equally familiar with various tools and specialized software. Both professionals are equally responsible for establishing and supervising internet security protocols and implementing different technological advancements such as cloud security. Apart from that, there is a crucial aspect that makes IT managers and CIOs appear pretty similar to each other. Both are responsible for succession planning on behalf of their enterprise or departments. Succession planning is a simple process of identifying potential candidates that can replace departing employees in the future.

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