How Different Are CIO and CISO Roles?

The chief information officer (CIO) and chief information security officer (CISO) are crucial C-level executive roles. Both focus on the strategic planning, management, and protection of an enterprise’s data and IT infrastructure. However, there are some very critical differences between a CIO and CISO. In this article at CIO Insight, Shelby Hiter explains some significant differences between the two roles.

Difference Between CISO And CIO Roles

A CISO’s primary responsibility is to secure data. On the contrary, a CIO’s role is more focused on providing the right tools to their employees to maximize efficiency. They also identify technology trends that influence the company and function primarily as IT generalists.

Both the C-suite executives lead very different technical initiatives for an enterprise. Therefore, many larger organizations hire both CIOs and CISOs. This means both roles have a thorough understanding of company information. “Although the CIO may more directly engage with and make use of company data for IT strategy or company-wide initiatives, the CISO is more responsible for securing the data on the enterprise network,” says Hiter.

The CIO & CISO Relationship

Both the CIO and CISO protect assets and information from different viewpoints. For example, a CIO makes systems and information available and accessible to employees. Meanwhile, a CISO ensures proper controls are in place so that only intended people can access the specified information. The CIO and CISO must continually engage one another in strategy development. Constant communication between the two members will help employees and top management stay on the same page.

It’s Never CIO vs. CISO

As information security becomes more prominent in the corporate world, the collaborative roles of CISO and CIO are crucial. A company with a solid security plan cannot entirely depend on either the CIO or the CISO. Both CIO and CISO must understand each other’s perspectives and priorities to accomplish an organization’s security goals. They both must have the same organizational goal to protect their company’s critical assets and establish valuable business ethics.

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