How Essential Is Enterprise Service Management?

Many articles and research papers have been written and discussed regarding principles, practices, and the potential of IT service management (ITSM). In the last decade, most enterprises had to confront the operations of IT service management and how efficiently it would benefit their organization. Another element that is grabbing attention in the modern world is enterprise service management (ESM). Quite a few organizations are still not familiar with ESM, and it is high time they should. In his article, Joe the IT Guy talks about enterprise service management and how it impacts a business.

Growing Sphere

According to a joint survey conducted by AXELOS and ITSM.tools, two-thirds of organizations have already implemented enterprise service management strategies in their businesses. 37% of the organizations are perceived to be advanced in their enterprise service management. In comparison, 11% of the companies do not have any plans to install ESM in their companies. ESM enables an organization in a wide array of fields. However, ESM is predominantly implemented to process standardization and optimization, digital transition enablement, and employee productivity improvement.

Organizations Implementing ESM

Enterprise service management is often used to improve operations and outcomes in human resources (HR) and other teams that operate under ticket-based working practice. Besides, organizations are using ESM in securities, service, and finance as well. It is interesting to note that businesses are predominantly using ESM in those divisions that are not related to IT.

The most commonly shared ITSM practices that are instilled in organizations beyond the IT field have increased significantly. Some of them are:

Incident managementService request managementAsset managementContinual improvementKnowledge managementProblem managementChange management

Among the list, asset management has observed the most significant jump in its enterprise service management adoption level since late 2018. One of the reasons for this could be the rising need for business functions to manage their assets.

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