How to Champion Your ‘Return to Office’ Program

The pandemic curve has seemingly flattened, hinting at employees’ return to the office. Surveys show that two-thirds to three-quarters of companies would prefer to have a hybrid workforce going forward. Moreover, many employers also suggest that they prefer a remote workforce because it does not compromise productivity. The hybrid model offers the best of both worlds. It allows you to be flexible with your workspace and helps rejuvenate your office relationships as well. However, senior leadership needs to include employees’ opinions in their conclusive decision. In his article for Quality Digest, Gleb Tsipursky shares several ways to smoothen the shift from remote working to office.

Acknowledging Reluctance

Tsipursky believes that many supervisors and team leaders do not feel comfortable working from home because they seem to experience a specific reduction in their coordinating power. He further states that these supervisors and team leaders long for an anchoring bias that helps them feel more focused when they see people working on joint projects. The decision-makers need to understand that change is inevitable. Be it remote working or returning to the office, they need to acknowledge their employees’ concerns and understand their situations. 

Re-Familiarizing Office Work

To ease the return to the office, team leaders should make a list that explains the tasks needed to be taken care of as a team or individually. Employees can figure out how they intend to divide their time to work on different projects based on their schedule. However, the team leader should make sure that the employees’ convenience does not hamper productivity.

As a team leader or project manager, you should have a justifiable reason for the employees to come to the office three days in a row. It is not practical to call the staff members to your physical office for the work they can easily do from their home. Senior management should reflect on that and include the employees in discussions.

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