How to Make Your Performance Review Relevant

The annual performance review is a standard business practice. If conducted well, they are a powerful tool for driving employee success. The right approach to a performance review is to reinforce outstanding performers and redirect the poor ones. Therefore, putting your best effort into these reviews will undoubtedly benefit both employees and the organization. So, how do you improve performance management conversations? In this article at CIO.com, Christina Wood shares some invaluable tips to make performance reviews meaningful.

Performance Review Tips for Managers

Preparation Is the Key

The first step toward any successful employee performance review is preparation. Both managers and employees must be prepared for appraisal reviews with notes and talking points. Managers must have:

A copy of the employee’s personnel fileFeedback from supervisors or coworkersRelevant performance data and customer feedbackNotes from past reviews, prior conversations, and set goals and objectives

This two-way communication will encourage employees to contribute more to the review.

Ask the Right Questions

The right words and tone can help motivate your employees. Try to focus on words that make employees think in positive terms. This constructive approach is an excellent platform for improvement. Consider asking the following questions:

What are your goals for the next quarter or year?What accomplishments are you proud of?How can I help you as a manager?Are there any hurdles that we need to solve together?

Conduct Regular Reviews

“Now that most human contact is reduced, mostly, to messaging, calls, and video, increase the frequency of performance review touchpoints,” says Wood.  Experts believe that managers must conduct weekly or monthly check-ins with their employees instead of having annual or semiannual reviews in a formal setting. An open-door policy can help employees feel more comfortable talking about potential issues outside of scheduled appraisals. Conducting regular checkpoints will help you make performance reviews a part of your standard organizational culture.

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