How to Redefine Hybrid Work Sphere Effectively

Organizations have observed a cultural and technological shift over the past years and the transformation was quite unexpected. With the pandemic in place, businesses have drastically changed how operations were run or how employees delivered the work. Companies have either approved permanent work from home or hybrid work, considering it would be a beneficial attempt to improve productivity and mental wellness.

Some of the CIOs are still in a dilemma when it comes to approving hybrid work. There are statistics to reflect upon, like which teams have been productive remotely and what is the collective financial costs of remote work, to name a few. In her article for CIO, Stacy Collett shares several ways that CIOs are using to redefine teamwork for a hybrid world.

Improving Flexibility

Many CIOs state that teamwork dynamics is a significant aspect that cannot be avoided in a hybrid model. Some of the roles are inherently technical, while some of them are more relationship-driven. There might be times when CIOs are not aware of the employees’ responsibilities and their deadlines. In such cases, Collett suggests that CIOs should let the team leaders manage the hybrid work schedules to increase productivity while keeping the workforce content. You should focus on the fact that there are no written rules for a flexible mode of work.

Enhancing the Employee Experience

There are instances in the hybrid work model when the team conferencing gets awkward with some members in the conference room and some at home. Companies like Sage Therapeutics are coming up with innovative ideas to make team meetings a more collective affair in the hybrid work model to resolve the issue. The model created by Sage Therapeutics gives each attendee an individual screen space that makes the meeting appear as a fully remote one. Some of the companies are working on audio and video messaging tools to reduce the occurrence of lengthy meetings.

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