How Will CIOs Shape the Post-Pandemic Scenario?

The pandemic has transformed the professional environment on a massive scale, and CIOs are one of the most integral entities leading to this disruption. In the pre-pandemic era, CIOs were focused on technical progressions. But with the changing times, they are getting involved in the business side of the enterprise as well. With technology becoming the most decisive factor in any business, it gives them additional authority to lead discussions and induce changes. In their article, CXOToday talks about the significance of CIOs in the post-pandemic world and what it means to businesses in general.

Evolving Authority

According to CXOToday, a recent report states that AI-enabled workflows increased by almost 560% compared to what they were two years ago. The report also mentioned that automation is being widely incorporated in different organizational sectors. As far as IT, finance, and manufacturing are concerned, automation has taken over 40%, 35%, and 35% of workloads, in that order. Besides, prominent companies and tech giants have incorporated cloud data storage, and small-scale businesses are gradually incorporating the change. This gives today’s CIOs a considerable amount of decision-making authority and puts them in a significant position in the C-suite.

An Opportunity to Connect

CIOs usually serve as a bridge to communicate complex technical operations to other members of the management team. With unprecedented advancements in technology, CIOs might find themselves in a more complex position. With a hybrid workforce in place, your responsibility as a CIO is to connect with the employees and communicate effectively before implementing a change. Moreover, ‘work from home’ will create complexities that you will have to focus on. To keep employees on the same page, it is essential for you to adopt modern effective technology. Additionally, you should also lead proactive collaboration to positively impact the entire enterprise.

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