Is Physical Presence a Testament to Hard work?

The professional world has been abruptly exposed to remote work and a few other unprecedented changes in organizational operations. Even today, employees and companies are getting used to the sudden disruption, and it might take some more time to adjust. Experts have stated that remote work not only improves productivity but also enhances employees’ mental wellness. In her article for Digital Project Management, Kendall Lott talks about the remote work model and its future.

Leadership’s Opinion

Some leaders believe that working for eight hours in an office for five or six days is the only way you can deliver productive work. Lott mentions, “Given what a large majority of the workforce has just gone through, this is not just a major insult, but also an anachronism that needs to be called out.” There are many organizations that are not able to provide proper healthcare services or basic Covid prevention models but expect employees to work from the office. Leaders should understand the fact that the need for a workforce’s physical presence entirely depends on the nature of the job. Depending on the profession, it is better to ask someone to work remotely, in a hybrid manner, or entirely on-site.

Workspace Productivity

One of the reasons senior leaders believe that working in the office is the only way to be productive is because they had always worked that way. Another way to look at it is that it provides a sense of internal identity validation through which they mold their definition of success and productivity. However, a leader’s responsibility should be to produce results, not to accentuate obsolete cultures. Leaders and teams must have an honest discussion about the work model. Additionally, leaders should be flexible with their opinions and be comfortable with the concept of accommodating other peoples’ ideas.

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