Is the ITIL Maturity Model Valuable for Your Enterprise?

An organization often finds itself at a point where it becomes essential to assess management’s capabilities. It is equally important for a company to efficiently measure the maturity of an organization’s service value system (SVS). If your company is looking for a productive model to assess resource and management capabilities, the ITIL maturity model is a good choice for your business. In his article for ITSM Professor, Greg Smith talks about the importance of the ITIL maturity model in modern organizations.

Importance of ITIL Evaluation

Many companies have already begun or are planning to incorporate ITIL assessments. One of the main reasons could be the organizational need to meet contractual obligations or achieve professional certification. In some cases, organizations take up service management implementation or improvement initiatives that require meeting project deadlines. Most importantly, organizations usually incorporate ITIL evaluations when they want to analyze the current situation of their business and find a way for improvement.

End Results of ITIL Evaluation

When your organization completes an ITIL assessment, it automatically provides you with a detailed project analysis that you can use to compare future assessments. ITIL assessments can also help your business compare those reports against other divisions of your company. Smith further asserts, “The most beneficial and immediate result of an ITIL Assessment is as a key component of a Service Management Improvement Initiative.”

Implementation of ITIL Evaluation

ITIL evaluation generally helps you to get a better understanding of the methodological performance of your enterprise. To use ITIL evaluation optimally, you should know where you want your company to be, where your company is at this point in time, and identify ways to get to the point you have envisioned. Besides, it also gives you and your entire team clarity regarding past experiences and how you can do things differently.

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