IT Certification Mistakes That Hinder Your Growth

Gathering knowledge about your field or learning a new skill always helps you in the long run. It gives you an upper hand over other professionals. Additionally, when you are working in a field that changes drastically, IT, for instance, you need to be aware of the market and the new skills required. However, there are times when some IT certification mistakes can obstruct your growth rather than amplify it. In his article for CIO, Josh Fruhlinger mentions several mistakes that professionals should avoid.

Opting for Certification Without a Goal

Some professionals strive for IT certifications just because they see people around them going for it. They are unaware of their skillset and what they want to work on, which may significantly impact their careers. To overcome this, it is better to ask some fundamental questions of yourself: why you want to go for a specific certification, how it would help you, and the demand of that skillset in the market.

Having Unreasonably High Aspirations

If you aspire to go for your first certification, you surely cannot go for something at an advanced level. You should understand that certification takes a considerable amount of commitment, and it might get challenging to find a balance between certification and your professional responsibilities. It is better to understand the feasibility and relevance of the certification. Besides, you should try to find a balance between your certification and job in order to give the best in both spheres.

Depending on Obsolete Resources

Many professionals plan to get certification to be aware of the new technological advancements. However, there are certification organizations that do not update their learning resources. Experts believe that it is better to research the history of a specific certification track to get a deeper understanding of the topics it covers.

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