Key Tips to Improve Attention for Better Performance

Attention span has become a decisive factor when it comes to delivering efficient work in a given time. However, there are times when certain external factors may hamper your attention, and that can adversely affect your professional performance. As Daniel Goleman says, “A primary task of leadership is to direct attention. To do so, leaders must learn to focus their own attention.” To be a valued teammate or a project leader, it is essential that you focus on different aspects of the project equally. In his article for PM Times, George Pitagorsky discusses various aspects of attention in a work environment and how you can enhance your attention in a professional setting.

Analyzing Attention Professionally

Experts state there are generally three kinds of attention:

Focused attention, that is associated with a specific object. It can be better understood with the analogy of a flashlight focusing on an object. Such attention is concentrated in nature and can be observed when you are involved in a conversation or doing a task. From an organizational point of view, focused attention directs resources to a specific project.Open attention, where you are aware of your surrounding in a general sense. When you do not pay attention to any particular object of your surrounding, that can be termed open attention.Executive attention is the shift of your attention from open to focused, where you regulate responses with awareness and judgment.

How to Improve Attention

Pitagorsky states that three things are directly related to an improved attention span: focus, open awareness, and executive function. You should aim at building a strong connection with your tasks and deliver them with absolute mindfulness. It would be better if you were aware and prepared for your tasks beforehand so that you could start working on them with zero distractions.

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