Mobile Devices Will Keep Changing Per Tech Trends

Just a few years ago, you waited for hours for that telephone call from your potential employer. Now, you can talk to a friend, book a flight, find your GPS location, and even remotely check home security with the press of a button on your cell phone. Bernard Marr reports that Qualcomm has released a chip that lets you migrate some heavy-duty work to your smartphone in his vlog. For instance, you can easily perform video editing with the new processor without rebooting the phone. Along with the enhanced computing power, you will also soon enjoy the 5G network that will increase your work speed. The bulky designs you had to endure with mobile devices in the early days are becoming sleeker and literally pocket-friendly. You might not even use a phone in a not-so-distant future. With glasses, contact lenses, and subdermal implants taking over, you may no longer have to carry a physical object in your hand.

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