Pandemic Leadership: What You Must Adapt to

When the pandemic started, you did not think that lockdowns would extend from days to weeks to months and then years. However, organizations learned a lot due to the outbreak. They understood that in-person meetings are not always crucial, and working from home increases employee productivity. The catch is, you are easily distracted with household chores and other personal work. How do you overcome that? In this Leadership Girl blog, learn some pandemic leadership lessons from the experts.

Pandemic Leadership Tips

Meeting Formalities

You must have an agenda before you set up a meeting. Keep things ready so that you can start the presentation as soon as possible. Remember, that all your team members are having multiple meetings with several stakeholders throughout the day. It is essential that you optimize the time you are getting their full attention. Jot down meeting minutes to share with stakeholders, if necessary.

Productivity vs. Efficiency

You have a couple of goals to achieve, but you are prioritizing the smaller tasks. Though you are being efficient in accomplishing these assignments, these are eating away the time you must dedicate to important goals. For instance, you are delaying the training of a newbie. Though everything screams as a priority to you, one of the pandemic leadership tips is to decide priorities well.

More Tips

Talk to your team members about the interdependent work. You should know how your delayed response can affect their work progress. Brainstorming sessions were rampant when employees were working from the office. Gather around the bay and ideate away. It was that simple. Now, you need to come up with something similar in your virtual setting as well.

But above all, you must have time to exercise. This will enable you to feel fresh and productive in these trying times.

You cannot expect yourself to utilize 100 percent of your day in tangible pursuits. Spending time with your loved ones can brighten up your otherwise hectic day.

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