Resolving Your Service Desk’s Classification Structure

Many service desk analysts are not aware if their IT service desk’s incident classification system is serving its purpose efficiently or not. One of the reasons this has become a common occurrence is the lack of measuring and reviewing effective IT service delivery. Another reason that increases the problem is the number of continuous incident calls and tickets. In his article, Joe the IT guy talks about several repercussions of the incident classification system. Furthermore, he also shares tips on developing an effective and comprehensive incident classification system.

Repercussions of an Incident Classification Structure

When an IT service desk’s incident classification structure is working incompetently, it can raise numerous problems for service desk analysts to effectively classify incoming issues. This would further lead to a longer time in issue resolutions and classifications. Moreover, a faulty incident classification system also affects ticket prioritization and routing. Due to the delay, the issues could be sent to the wrong resolution group thus adding to the confusion. If the tickets are incorrectly coded, the decisions you make on the conclusive data will be flawed, negatively affecting the results.

Installation of Effective Structure

Some professionals think of opting for a pre-built incident classification system, but it does not necessarily cover all the concerns an organization poses. It is better to create your own incident classification structure that fits your organization’s needs more perfectly. Make sure your classification structure is aimed at business rather than IT needs. Besides, the structure should be simple because your analysts need to understand the classifications. You should also think about which classification structure would be best suited for your organization. There could be different ways to enter the information. You need to figure out the most convenient way for help desk analysts to work so they can effortlessly perform their job.

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